Where innovation & architecture merge with sustainability

Comfortable homes that produce green energy and provide real year-round autonomy.


Wood frame modular home

Modular construction meets the best energy efficiency and comfort. Each step is monitored: concept and implementation of engineering solutions, material sourcing, building conditions – conscientious of grey energy-, manufacturing lead-time and purchase price security. Precast modules are designed to deliver tailor made turn key homes within short and controlled lead-times.


Autonomous home

Atome’s unique combination deliver a complete autonomous solution. Patented solar panels combined to an optimal alignment with the sun produce maximum solar energy harvest. Salt water batteries stock the energy produced during daylight and provide energy under low supply conditions. To ensure comfort, the home remains connected to the grid, thus energy surplus may be redistributed and gainful...


Intelligent housing

Built into community energy grids, the mechanisms communicate and interact to enhance comfort for the inhabitants. The interface collects and analyses real time data. A mobile tool informs users of their consumption and the impact that has on their resources, then creates reports for the users to analyse and adapt their consumption to save on running costs.


True autonomy

Linking houses together at a neighbourhood or housing project level allows to mutualise energy production and optimise energy storing capacity. Priorities towards consumption - 1: House production, 2: Mini grid, 3: Backup (energy supplier) -, brings us closer to a mini grid: an autonomous power grid which is independent from the backup energy supplier. On the other hand, staying connected to the backup allows the owner to become a power supplier and thus, redeem its shares.


Environmentally sound choice

Atome’s sound design process considers grey energy production and the weathering of the house. That is why renewable and recyclable materials are used in the construction, reducing global energy consumption, and low CO2 emissions are created through an Atome home energy production process. Atome supports local economy using quality products from environmentally sound source materials and eco-friendly, short supply chains. Moreover, Atome is involved with a non-profit association for education and the preservation of the environment and biodiversity.


A vision for the future

The cumulation of Atome homes will create neighbourhoods contributing and participating in the energy transition. An opportunity to transform neighbourhoods into green resource micro grids, creating community energy grids in which each Atome home's owner is a shareholder.


What is true autonomy?

A carbon-positive autonomous home that produces more energy than needed over the course of one year doesn't mean that a family can live in complete autonomy day-to-day. Autonomy is achievable only once a home can be independent from the energy supplier. Even though Atome homes are designed for true autonomy, a backup connection to the energy supplier might be necessary depending on the housing projects.